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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pantai Setokok Batam ( Setokok Beach )

Pantai Setokok Batam
Location : Barelang Bridge 2, Setokok, Bulang District, Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia.
- Minimum Facility
- Setokok Beach still not to many spoiled

Quote by someone "a sea of sand at low tide was a little treat feeling tired, less net , but not caused by waste but old trees are exposed to abrasion so as to form a lot of stubble. Not bad, not too crowded despite holiday visitors, probably not many who know, or maybe too much mileage from the main road so that people are reluctant, but on the contrary, I liked this atmosphere that leads into the idea to immortalize this moment with a two-time camera shots mobile phone, even though the result is not maximal but I hope that when friends, relatives or anyone who wants a holiday atmosphere is not too noisy may beach this one could be an option. Should prepare the equipment before you leave, no food vendors, there are only two people snack vendors extraordinarily expensive priced according to size of pocket to me. There are also a few seats fit like a small shack for some people, the rental Rp.20, 000.00 Not bad, could be protective when rained on, so select your holiday option to be useful. Thank you"
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