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Monday, June 27, 2011

Mata Kucing

nature reserve
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one alternative for families who want refreshing ama.
Forest Cats Eye tourist location on the road between Batuaji - Sekupang.
there is a mini zoo, cave eyes, fish ponds, swimming pools, forests for trekking, children's playground there is also a flying fox ².

Visitors have an opportunity to see monkeys & squirrels roam freely, providing visitors with one of the more memorable experiences in Batam.

Nature walk and tubing will lead you down to the 2 ponds where you can find exotic gigantic fishes as big as 2 meter in size. Arwana Brazil, Tiger Fish, Alligator.

For fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers, this would be an ideal place to spend the morning or spend the night camping. The outdoor swimming pool would be an ideal place for the children. There is also a mini zoo for children to feed and feel the animals, a highly interactive & educational tour for the young & old.

Entrance fee collected from the visitor is used to maintain and upkeep the nature reserve.

Minimum 15 to go.

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