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Monday, July 18, 2011

RS Budi Kemuliaan

Starting from the idea Ibu Sri Soedarsono D, to help improvepeople's lives, especially the health of mothers and children on the island of Batam.

Then with the support Dr.Soemarno, as Chairman of the Association of Glory Budi Jakarta, then the noble intentions and even then materialized, with the founding of Medicine Center andMaternity House Budi Glory Batam is inaugurated by the Minister of Health on October 8, 1984.
Maternity hospitals and the Medical Clinic strives to provide the best service to all levels of society, including community socialgroups left behind (tribal sea) and the community from areasdifficult to reach; high risk social groups (residents of the complexprostitutes, laborers, industrial laborers). Even today in certain locations has been established Medical Clinic Assistant.

In accordance with the developments and challenges society's need better health care, then on October 8th, 1933, betepatan with 9th anniversary, maternity hospital and Medical Center Hospital to develop themselves into Batam Budi glory.

Glory RS.Budi Batam remain guided by the early goal and alwaysberusha increase participation in the development of the nation's health through service and preparation of potential humanresources in health.

Glory RS.Budi Research Centre also organizes and prevention ofinfectious diseases such as HIV / AIDS and Hepatitis B in cooperation with various relevant agencies within and outside the country.

Address : Budi Kemulian No. 1 Seraya Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia (29432)
Telp. +62778-454044 
Fax +62778-454055.