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Friday, April 24, 2015

Brewsky & Co - Modern European Restaurant

Brewsky and Co is a hangout or hangout that has a concept of family. Therefore, Brewsky and Co. has two areas both indoor and outdoor. Not surprisingly, many men who brought the family, even the baby to hang out in Brewsky and Co.

Not only has acres of indoor and outdoor, Brewsky and Co also not present and openbar restaurant with dim lights, but has a very bright pancahayaan. Restaurants and openbar has a very exclusive concept as one of the haunts in Batam.

In addition to the design of a restaurant that doubles openbar, Brewsky and Co also serves liveaccoustic music thus giving the impression of a more hiup atmosphere and entertaining for the visitors. Brewsky and Co presents live music every Tuesday through Sunday starting at 19:30 until 00:30 pm. Live music is featured singer best singers and musicians in Batam are familiar rendition of the world's best song.

Brewsky and Co are also often carry out regular events such as competitions drink beer and watch together. Brewsky and Co provide wifi facilities which can be used by the visitors. Brewsky and Co always open every day. For Monday to Thursday, Brewsky and Co operation since at 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 pm, while on Friday to open earlier that week from 11:30 until 02:00 pm.

Due to the design of the place and the facilities provided Brewsky and Co this place become a mainstay of several community hangout in Batam, such as the Jeep community of car enthusiasts, Ducati and other communities. Brewsky and Co also often provide special parking lot for the community who want to hang out together.

Not only the local community Batam city alone, Brewsky and Co visited by strangers in Batam. Of all visitors to those who are strangers, foreigners Australia and most widely visited Brewsky and Co. They are foreign tourists and foreigners who work in Batam.

For those who enjoys hanging out, it never hurts to try to hang in Brewsky and Co. The restaurant doubles as an open bar is very suitable to be used as a place to hang out.

Location: Nagoya Citywalk, Lower Ground #CC 006-008, Lubuk Baja, Batam

Tel: +62 778 429 999

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