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Friday, December 18, 2015

Zhen Bao

Zhen Bao serve varieties of chinese food & homemade dim sum.
Choice of cozy restaurants to enjoy culinary tourism is now more diverse. As the center of the modern city, Batam also presents a different culinary, especially for fans of dimsum menu.
Zhen Bao restaurant provides dining options as well as to kongkow together relationships with more comfortable and special. Zhen Bao restaurant with culinary specials provide 30 more kinds of dimsum dimsum menu
"Menu fried dim sum steam and we provide more than 30 kinds of menu, with recipes and blends itself, presented with fresh every day," said Zhen Bao Restaurant Manager, Ryanto, some time ago.
Dimsum menu prepared certainly tempting, because the choice of dimsum actually cultivated and has many variants cuisine.
A matter of taste, do not be in doubt, delights some dimsum menu taste was in the stands as the opportunity to visit the restaurant adjacent to the BCS Mall

In front of BCS Mall (pintu 3)
Beside Eatern Food Court
Phone: +21778 743 6852

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