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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Grand Mosque ( Masjid Raya ) Batam

The Grand Mosque (Masjid Raya) Batam Centre is located at Batam Government Center, adjacent to the Batam mayor’s Office, Councils building, International Ferry Terminal Batam Center and Mega Mall shopping center, precisely located at Jl. Engku Putri. This Mosques has a beautiful 'pyramid' architecture. Quite good but already looks a bit old.

Mesjid Raya Batam Center is the biggest mosque in Batam. The location is very strategic you can reach it within 3 minutes from the International Port of Batam Center, 20 minutes from International Airport Hang Nadim and 20 minutes from Nagoya which is the business center in Batam.

In the region of Mesjid Raya Batam Center is also as boarding pilgrims and several conference hall, the area is very large. This mosque has unique characteristic where inside the mosque there is no pole so it looks very spacious. And also it has twin tower. With the Middle Eastern-style architecture with decorated by beautiful ornaments it makes the Mesjid Raya Batam Center looks more beautiful, especially at the night with headlights that make more majestic. This mosque was designed by same architect with one of mosque in Sulawesi that’s why it looks similar with one of the mosque in Sulawesi.

The Grand Mosque Batam designated as meeting the needs of worship facilities to serve the population and Muslims Batam Island in Riau Islands area .

The Grand Mosque is expected to be a representative to accommodate the activities of Muslims in terms of education , social , also cultural symbols.

So that became the pride of Muslims in Batam and the Riau Islands . In addition to this, the Grand Mosque is expected to support the national tourism world . This Grand Mosque was designed by Ir Achmad Noe'man of PT Birano and approved on August 31, 1997 last .

Then starting in 1999 in the wake . The Grand Mosque taken from the root word meaning prostration obedient , submissive and respectful bow . Laying the forehead , the palms and toes are the most obvious outward form of the above meanings .

From this building is generally used to worship , pray and serve God , God Almighty . Named after the mosque because it was taken also of the root , prostration .

From the root word , understood mosque not only serves as a place to lay prostrate on the forehead like a prayer . But it is an activity that places implies obedience to Allaah .

Or at least not as a place to encourage the birth of the activity that produces obedience to Him . Therefore , the Prophet Muhammad said : " It has been made ​​for me and my people all over the earth as a mosque persada and means of sanctification " (Bukhari and Muslim ) .

All that can transport humans in obedience to God is part of kemasjidan activity . Therefore , the days of the Prophet , the Prophet's mosque in Medina has ten diverse functions .

Start of prayer and remembrance , education , sponsorship of social events , consultation and communication of economic or social or cultural , military training , health centers , courts and dispute settlement , the central light ( enlightenment ) , prisoners , and even as a shelter .

All are directed according to the mosque as a place of prostration to God in a broad sense . Of course these days , due to the changing times and the development of society , most of these functions have been taken by other agencies .

Nevertheless, at least, of the mosque to be born and a description of the activity that directs people to bow down , obey and submit to God . Because all mosques belong to Him .

" And verily, mosques belong to God , you shall not worship the one in it except ( worship ) to Allah " ( Surah Al Jin 18 ) .

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