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Thursday, March 6, 2014

KTM Resort Batam

It’s a 45 minutes ferry ride from Singapore HarbourFront International Terminal. KTM Resort is situated 5 minutes’ drive from Sekupang International Ferry Terminal (Batam) and about 25 minutes’ drive to its town, Nagoya. It sits tranquilly on a plot area of 50,000 sq metres in a secluded beachfront location facing Singapore city skyline. It’s a layback and natural haven, which offers convenience and total relaxation for anybody who needs a short getaway from the hustle and buzzle of city life to unwind.

All accommodations in Balinese style are personally and authentically designed by the owner and founder, the Singapore famous “King of Drainage”, Mr Koh Tiat Meng, who is the Executive Chairman of Koh Brothers Group Ltd. It blends harmoniously in a lush tropical garden and beachfront facing captivating sea view. It took Mr. Koh about 4 years investing with a capital outlay of S$3.5 million to build it from conceptualization to completion. “Singaporeans work and lead a very fast pace city life and I have decided to build this resort as another choice short getaway haven for them to relax,” said Mr. Koh.

Let you be pampered by the warmth of their friendly smiles and services. Come to experience the tranquility of Mother Nature and rejuvenate your mind and soul at KTM Resort.

How to Getting there :

By Air
Five airlines fly Batam - Jakarta daily

By Ferry
Four different ferry companies have hourly departures from Singapore’s HarbourFront (formerly WTC - World Trade Centre) to Sekupang (Skp) and Batam Centre (BC).

Come break away from the frenetic pace of the urban world and experience serenity and solitude, caressed by gentle sea breezes. Find yourself, revisit lost dream, be invigorated by early morning sunrise upon the placid sea, capture every golden cloud reflection at sunset, rediscover the poetry and meaning of life. Experience this and more in the solace of KTM Resort at Batam, an indonesian isle with beautiful waterfront, marina and golf course resorts waiting to cater to your every whim.

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