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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sekupang Ferry Terminal

International Ferry Terminal Sekupang built on a land area of 2.3 hectares. Terminal Development consists of:
- The terminal building is likely an area of 11,250 M2 consists of 2 floors.
- Parking Area 12 000 m2.
- Ponton Pier and Retaining Wall.

International Ferry Terminal Sekupang managed by the Batam Industrial Development Authority in cooperation with PT. Indodharma Corpora as the winning bidder to build and manage (BOT) based on the Letter Agreement No: 12/PERJ - KA/VIII/2004 and 111/IDC-OB/SP/BOT-SKP/VIII/2004, August 20, 2004.

International Ferry Terminal Sekupang built on the concept design and detailed engineering by the LAPI ITB. Sekupang terminal development has become a pride for the people of Batam in the presence of complete and adequate facilities. It is also to improve the image of Terminal Sekupang so it can be the best passenger terminal on the island of Batam, and makes Terminal Sekupang become a place of comfort and safety for passengers.

The concept of establishing an international ferry terminal Sekupang, this is in line with government policy in the field of tourism and port infrastructure. In addition, by looking at the prospects for the development of Batam in the future. International Ferry Terminal Sekupang working paper has provided facilities and fully equipped accommodation for its guests, where the main facilities provided are in line with keperluannya come to the city of Batam, which is for official purposes, business pariwasata and visits that are familial.

Sekupang international ferry terminal also provides a complete service for the community, in the form of ticket purchase services, restaurants, where sales of quality products and other facilities and from the ferry terminal services Sekupang expected to get benefits and services of a commercial nature rental, media advertising and parking lots.

One of the facilities for passenger comfort, the International Ferry Terminal Sekupang equipped with air conditioning or chiller. It also provided the parking area for general car capacity 240 lots, 8 lots and 4 que bus taxis and 30 lots for standby taxi with a fleet of 175 taxi cars.

For security aspects, in the area of port facility equipped with CCTV and security both from the manager and the Batam Authority or Exploitation Agency Batam. From the safety aspect of environment, Sekupang International ferry terminal is equipped with Fire Alarm and Fire Hydrant.

International Ferry Terminal Sekupang also provides service facilities executive lounge for VIP guests, is also a Food Court, souvenir and fashion shops. For the needs of worship, the international terminal is also equipped with a mosque. Other facilities available are clean toilets, free hot spot internet access and information center to serve the need for information.

Currently Internationa Sekupang Ferry terminal to serve 10 trips travel to Singapore with the distance 20 km of sea travel for 40 minutes, this is one of the advantages of this terminal. In the future, the International Ferry Terminal Sekupang also serve en route to Malaysia.

International Ferry Terminal Sekupang can be reached from Batam Center or Nagoya with a distance of 15 km or a 15 minute ride is best to use taxis, private cars and buses.

As part of the concept of a modern sea port management, terminal International Sekupang implement technology-based Information System that is integrated. Integrated Port system is a technology-based systems that can provide a good level of service to Customer and Shipping Agents.

Is Boarding Sekupang Management System, is a technology-based Computerized System is an international standard that can do the interconnection between shipping agents, port managers, passengers, CIQP, Fiscal Check Point, the E-Government Batam and all parties associated with the seaport.

Boarding Sekupang Management System capable of providing One Stop Service started service from the Check In, Check In baggage until boarding process and able to provide services Public Information in the form of vessel arrival and departure schedules.

Boarding Management System Sekupang also do external integration with Harbour Front Singapore to Manifest Exchange (E-Manifest), real time data synchronization with Calypso Singapore for reservation ticketing via the Internet (E-Ticket). Check In process passengers can also be done remotely by City Check In or In House Check In, all of which is to provide ease of service for passengers.

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