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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mega Mall - Batam Centre

Welcome to Mega Mall Batam Center. 

Mega Mall shopping center built in the CBD (Central Business District) Batam are Batam Centre, so we called MEGA MALL - BATAM CENTRE, the mall is directly connected by bridges to the International Ferry Terminal - Batam Centre, which has now reached capacity turnover foreign tourists and businessmen from Singapore and around ± 300,000 people per month are served by 98 transit trips per day by ferry to Singapore - Batam Centre - Singapore or equal to 2940 trips per month. 

Geographical location MEGA MALL - BATAM CENTRE which has the potential to build strategic international business, particularly in the retail and F & B, on the basis of thought among others: Batam Island is located right next to the East of Singapore that we know as one of the world financial center and a shopping haven with a distance of only ± 20 miles from Batam Centre.
Price rent shopping centers in Singapore 10 times more expensive than in Batam - Indonesia (1:10).
Standard wages paid retail companies in Singapore, 10-fold higher compared to in Batam.
Singapore Harbour Front Ferry Terminal has been connected directly to the MRT network to the entire country of Singapore, so that Singaporeans who live in the farthest among other Woodland western regions, the northern most east Punggol and Pasir Ris, it can be easier to Mega Mall - Batam Centre which has Facilitated 98 majors trip ferry voyage Singapore - Batam Centre (PP) per day.
On the other hand a comparison rate Rp. 6.776 = EUR 1.00, this condition would provide significantly more thrust for Singaporeans to shop in Batam with a very cheap price, especially when it has reached a practical transportation network, the mall also provides a shuttle bus that serves the tourists to places like Hotel, Plaza and other attractions.
Inauguration of laws - laws FTZ (Free Trade Zone), will further turn the business in Batam.
We look forward to your visit and your family. 

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