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Thursday, August 25, 2011

PIT-STOP Family Karaoke

Pit-stop name is taken from the term pit-stop in a race carracing which is where the race cars stopped to refuel andchange tires so it can go back in the arena. Using theseconcepts, Pit-stop built as a place of entertainment for you and your family to have fun, relieve stress and to recharge the body because fatigue after doing daily activities. Pit-stop provides a variety of attractive amenities, such as:

21 karaoke rooms available ranging from small room (max xxpeople), medium room (max xx people), the deluxe room (maxxx people), Bar suite (max xx people), up Billiard suite (max xxpeople). Colors vary in each room with a sporty design, is alsoequipped with a laser light. Display LCD screen TV or projectorand sound system supported by the BMB. Choice of songs thata lot and always up to date and the selection of songs with a touchscreen system.
Available 20 billiard tables and a VIP room. The place iscomfortable and cozy so it is suitable for the purpose of hanging out with friends, as well as billiards tournament held at certain times.
There are various types of food and beverages at affordable prices. Design a cozy space with partitions so that guests feel more comfortable and open kitchen concept kitchen so guestscan witness the chefs preparing food and hygiene can be seenthe presentation in accordance with standard operating procedures.
Available online 22 computers with these online games are verycozy, fast internet access and gaming competitions are heldalso at certain times.print this page Print this page