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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Puppy Batam


Happy Puppy Batam

Komplek Nagoya Hill Superblok Ruko Blok D No.1 Jl. Teuku Umar - Nagoya Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444 Tel : (0778) 739-3885 Fax : (0778)749-3871

This site gives a clearer picture about the business as Happy Puppy Family Karaoke first established in Indonesia. In addition, you'll get the latest information of our activities, promotionpolicies, best-selling songs and new songs

.Happy Puppy Karaoke Families,Community Indonesia is a religious community who love to sing, be entitled to a means of entertainment singing free of symbols nightlife. The market is then captured by the entrepreneur jelly Setyadji.Konsep Karaoke Santoso Family for the first time introduced in Indonesia by Santoso with the establishment of Happy Puppy Self-Service Family Karaoke Box on November 14, 1992 at Surabaya.Oleh because of the connotation of "Karaoke" in Indonesia was thus identical with the evening entertainment, Santoso added the word "Family" in front of the word Karaoke Box as an effort to emphasis that the entertainment provided was good entertainment for the family or entertainment for people who are well-baik.Demikian also, due to adopt the ways in Japan and Korea, at first, Happy Puppy service is self-service. Consumers pay rent karaoke room in advance. Buying food and drink in person to the sales desk. Likewise, playing his own songs using the automatic disc changer machine.Konsep at Happy Puppy has always improved over the development period. Indonesian people are not familiar with the concept of self-service and prefer to be served. Similarly, computerization into all aspects of operations including the selection and play lagu.Karaoke Families received a good reception from the people of Indonesia. From Surabaya, Santoso Family Karaoke developing networks to Jakarta, Semarang, Samarinda, Balikpapan, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Cibubur, Pontianak, Manado, Serpong and soon Banjarmasin.Pada January 2004, Santoso Setyadji and Happy Puppy Family Karaoke Indonesia was awarded the Certificate of Record Museum (MURI) as the Pioneer Family Karaoke in Indonesia.
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