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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Accurate Version 3 Standard Edition

Accounting software with modules Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, and General Ledger integrated. In the Standard version, we provide 2 (two) licenses. That's 2 user / client can enter into one (1) database at the same time.

There are many features available in Accurate 3. Major features contained in this version are :

  1. Input tax on the purchase module (Purchase order and Purchase Invoice)
  2. Unit price is including tax (Tax Inclusive) in all forms in connection with tax (VAT).
  3. Templates for all forms with the designer an easier and more fields are incomplete
  4. Postage (Freight) for the purchase and sales modules
  5. Ten custom field available in all forms associated with the item.
  6. Saleman commission calculation is more complete.
  7. The addition of the Bank Reconciliation module.

Besides the features mentioned above, the following details of the addition / repair features that have been made in version 3:
Customer & Vendor

  • Can Balance at beginning of filling more than 1 invoice.
Purchase Order

  • There are additional fields Terms, and FOB
  • History PO can be tracked with ease.
  • PO Advances have been moved to form the Vendor Payment
Purchase Invoice

  • There are Fiscal Rate field for foreign currency purchases by VAT.
  • Rate and Fiscal Rate field can be edited.
  • Rates are charged can be charged to another vendor. Importers are generally useful for its different vendors forwarder with suppliers.
  • Shipping cost and the discount can be allocated to inventory cost.
  • Item discount on each detail.
  • Purchase Invoice and Receive Item has been separated. Each has a separate user rights.
  • Adding sequence number to facilitate tracking of documents / data.
  • Payment (cash advance) could use a check that the date is different from the date of invoice.
Receive Item

  • Not a trade journal to a debt anymore, but to: Goods that have not been billed (Unbilled goods).
  • Some of receipt of goods can be billed on one bill (Bill) and only raises an invoice to be paid.
  • History receipt of goods taken from the PO number and billed in the Bill how what number easily tracked.
Purchase Return (Debit Memo)

  • The value of returns can enter the Tax, Freight and Discount of Purchase Invoice.
  • The calculation of return cost is better.
Vendor Payment (Make Payment)

  • Every form existing serial number for easier archiving.
  • There is a payment date.
  • Can be used for payment of VAT (fiscal payment).
  • Can perform Settlement between Downpayment PO with PI.
Sales Order

  • Added field Salesman
  • Can calculate VAT on the SO.
  • You can easily find out by the SI which has been processed.
  • Easily change the taxable income or not an order.
  • Advances SO can not be done directly again, but should be on the Customer Receipt.
Sales Invoice / Delivery Order

  • Item service of the SO can be processed more than 1 Sales Invoice
  • Sales invoice has been separated from the DO. Each has a right to access and different numbering.
  • Journals DO not to accounts receivable anymore.
  • With certain easily be seen SI has diretur anywhere.
  • The serial number of the tax invoice has been stored in the SI in question.
  • No PO can take 20 characters.
  • Invoice can easily be set taxable income / no.
Sales Return (Credit Memo)

  • Improved return cost calculation. Currently, any returns will be looking for the last invoice cost (Average and FIFO method that does not take away from SI).
Customer Receipt (Cash Receipt)

  • Write off of receivables could be done to more than 1 account.
  • History Overpay be known who use it.
  • You can edit the rate of payment.
  • Can perform settlement between SO and SI downpayment.
Item & Inventory

  • Beginning balance (Opening Balance) can be filled per warehouse.
  • All items have 10 custom fields each of which can be filled up to 80 characters. This field can be used to add special information for the user.
  • Item can dijurnal discount sales into different accounts with invoice discount.
  • From the list of items can be known easily balance the parent item (parent) who has a parent-child relationship.
  • Table Item by Warehouse has been displayed in order of Parent-child of his.
  • There is a choice whether retained in storage is allowed / not to be a minus.
  • In the Item Transfer can raise the unit price as well as to report the mutation (for a consignment).
  • Job costing can roll-over into more than 1 item.
Fixed Assets (Fixed Assets)

  • Revaluation of fixed asset depreciation calculations for adjustments when there is a difference.
  • Improvements to the depreciation of the journal
  • Can fill Intangible Assets.
Journal Voucher, Other Payment (Direct Payment) & Other Deposit:

  • Addition of Deposit Other forms for receipt of money out of accounts.
  • The separation between form and Other Payment Voucher Journal so that each can have different serial numbers.
  • A longer description (80 characters).
Report (Report)

  • Reports that more complete and accurate.
  • You can set the column width when previewing.
  • Can replace the filter or change the columns that appear before the previews.
  • Related fields is provided in the option with more complete.
  • Unlimited filters for each column.
  • Type, size and font color can be set without entering report designer.
  • For the Indonesian setting, all reports have been translated into Indonesian.
  • Report form 1195 A1, A2, A3, B1, B4 to monthly VAT reporting.
  • Report form 1771, I, II, III, IV, V, VI annual corporate tax return for reporting.
  • All reports, after being customized, can be stored into one new report

  • Templates can set the default template.
  • Audit trail now non-journal also records the transaction.
  • Graphical reports are more numerous and informative.
  • Quick setup complete, easy and able to import from various file formats.
  • Replacement of language (Indonesian to English and vice versa) can be done with an easy step.
  • The color of all the tables can be replaced with ease.
  • All form input already has maximize and minimize buttons to simplify set up of the form.

  • Easy to use.
  • User and storied rights.
  • Multi-user, multi-currency, multi-departmental and multi-project (multi-department and multi project is only in the Deluxe Edition).
  • Multi company and could be consolidated in between them.
  • Two languages: English and Indonesian.
  • There is an audit trail.
  • Form filling and printouts can be customized using templates.
  • Reminder to the important things that need to be done.
  • Post and calculating cost of inventory in real time.
  • Client server technology with the ability to rollback.
  • Import data, customers, suppliers, goods, fixed assets, and the list of accounts and balances originally from xls file format, csv, dbf, db and gdb.
Trade receivables

  • Sales order with an option for filling advances, discount bunk, and postage.
  • Delivery of goods and billing.
  • Sales invoices are accompanied by postage charging options, taxes, advances, and discounts on goods and invoice the rise.
  • Counting the different combinations of commission salespeople.
  • Selling price rise depends on the price level customers.
  • Keep track of the history of returns and payment of an invoice.
  • Print sheet Standard Tax Invoice.
  • Returns the sale with an accurate cost calculation.
  • Receipt of payment for: more pay, use existing credit, non-cash payments, advances, SO or tax payments.
  • Non-cash receipts can be allocated to more than one account.
Accounts Payable
  • Purchase Order with the option of charging a deposit, discount and estimated shipping costs rise.
  • Receipt of Goods and billing.
  • Invoice Purchasing with a choice of charging postage, taxes, discounts rise for goods and invoices, and purchase instead of goods.
  • The cost of postage can be charged to the goods, or charged to another supplier.
  • Return of Purchase with the exact calculation of inventory cost.
  • Payment Leads to: pay the invoice, pay taxes, non-cash payment or PO payment.
  • Non-cash payments can be allocated to more than 1 account.
  • Checks that have been issued may be canceled.
Fixed Asset

  • Preparation of Fixed Assets depreciation method which can be selected.
  • The calculation of depreciation of fixed assets automatically.
  • Depreciation is based on tax regulations.
  • Intangible Assets.
  • Re-assessment of Fixed Assets.
  • Disposal of Fixed Assets.

  • General Ledger with facilities in multiple currencies.
  • Budget for account and project
  • Report Ledger, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and cash flow statement.

  • Multi-warehouse and multi units.
  • Cost calculation method: FIFO and AVERAGE.
  • Manufacturing with the ability to manufacture more than 1 item.
  • Grouping goods.
  • Adjustment of the value of inventories.
  • Adjustment of the selling price of goods.

  • More than 250 reports have been provided. Reports can be customized and saved as a new report. This means that accurate reports can have an unlimited amount.
  • Ability to filter report data that sophisticated: selecting one by one, the actual exact word or resembles, and could be a lot of screening criteria for non-lookup field.
  • Displays and removes a report column.
  • The width of the column reports that can be changed.
  • Create unlimited grouping and sorting options summation.
  • Appearances numeric data that can be changed (eg: with / without a penny, a minus sign in front / rear, in red print, share all the numerical data with any number).
  • Displays or removes the head, title, sub-titles, and footnotes a report.
  • The type, color, size, model reports Fonts can be changed.
  • Margin reports that can be edit.Editable report margins.
  • All reports can be exported to file formats: Excel, htm, csv, txt, rtf, pdf, jpg, gif, bmp, emf, and wmf.
  • Send reports via email in the form of PDF file attachments.
  • Included Report designer.
  • There are many reports graphically.
  • The financial reports can be customized.
Cash & Bank

  • Book Bank.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Receipt of others (instead of sales).
  • Payment of others (instead of purchase).
Indonesia Tax Report

  • Calculation of tax borne by the buyer or seller.
  • Monthly Report: Form 1195 A1, A2, A3, B1, and B4.
  • Report Agency tax returns: Form 1771, 1771-I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.
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