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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Accurate Version 3 Deluxe Edition

Accounting software with the same module with the Standard Edition version, with additional modules Multi Departments and Multi Projects. For the version of Deluxe Edition, got 2 (two) licenses.

There are many features available in Accurate 3. Major features contained in this version are :

  1. Multi Project and the Department of
  2. Input tax on the purchase module (Purchase order and Purchase Invoice
  3. Unit price is including tax (Tax Inclusive) in all forms in connection with tax (VAT).
  4. Templates for all forms with the designer an easier and more fields are incomplete
  5. Postage (Freight) for the purchase and sales modules
  6. Ten custom field available in all forms associated with the item.
  7. Saleman commission calculation is more complete.
  8. The addition of the Bank Reconciliation module.
Besides the features mentioned above, the following details of the addition / repair features that have been made in version 3 :
  1. Customer & Vendor
  2. Purchase Order
  3. Purchase Invoice
  4. Receive Item
  5. Purchase Return
  6. Vendor Payment
  7. Sales Order
  8. Sales Invoice
  9. Sales Return
  10. Customer Receipt
  11. Item & Inventory
  12. Fixed Assets
  13. Journal Voucher, Other Payment & Other Deposit
  14. Report
  15. And Many Of Other Features

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