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Monday, April 6, 2015

Socialitie's Crib - Batam

bored of having breakfast at a mainstream restaurant? looking for a new place for a coffee break?
Here come the Socilatie's Crib

The concept of the industrial revolution in Europe earth which is identical with the image of a full pipeline building now comes in a new haunts bermana Socialite's Crib.
You can enjoy a variety of menus, looking at the ceiling interior design in black, where there are many pipes are accidentally revealed to strengthen the impression of a classic.
"Socialite's Crib is Industrial Cafe, meaning that emphasizes the interior design of factories where the age of the steam engine invented in Europe,"

Any menu presented here?
For a menu of options that could be a recommendation, Egg White Sauce Blackpapper may be an option. This menu was first recognized in Batam.

In addition to the menu, Socialite's Crib focus serves western and local menu, for example Lumpia Bags Salmon, Beef Rool, Ayam Rica-Rica, Fish Dori Sweet Acid, Squid Ink Black, and others.

"To drink, we had a final menu, the Green Socialite"

Address: Komplek Royal Sincom Blok C No 18-19, Batam Centre
Instagram: @SocialitesCrib
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