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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vietnam Refugee Camp ( Kampung Vietnam Batam )

It happened mid -1970s after the end of the Vietnam War turned out to confront the international community on the serious problem of the refugees. The main trigger was the collapse of South Vietnam in the hands of the North Vietnamese or Vietcong power, in addition to the situation in Cambodia chaotic.

The events which led to the concerns of many people in the southern region of Vietnam and encourage them to leave his hometown to seek new shelter. a lot of the reason the refugees left their homeland, men, women, young, old and the children to escape. They are using the leaky old boat, sailing into the open sea without a clear purpose and arrived in Indonesian waters. Later on they become a problem involving many countries and international attention.

Indonesia at the time was the only country in Southeast Asia that appears to respond to the urgent international problems and helping the refugees to enter and agree Galang Island is located approximately 50 miles south island of Batam and only about half an hour from Singapore by ferry was chosen as a transit point for Vietnamese refugees. While waiting they are administratively processed to be sent to a third country .

In the allotment of residential areas in Galang Island the UNHCR to build the township is equipped with a full range of facilities and infrastructure and very adequate as the regular and excellent quality that connects with a small harbor used as traffic supply the needs of the refugees live. The place is known as the Port Karyapura. There are seafood restaurants cultivated by refugees, chapels, schools, churches, entrance by land and building for local officials exercise facilities. In the settlement, also built housing for local employees of UNHCR, pagoda, rest area, camping ground , " Galang Memorial Hall " .There were about 500 people died in the Vietnam village, because they was old and sick. They were buried in a cemetery area and well maintained.
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