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Thursday, August 25, 2011


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1. Professional therapistsManpower Professional Therapistmen & women, mostly health background (D3 physiotherapists,nursesmedical & otherwise) who are educated by a therapistfrom JAPAN

2. NOT JUST FEET REFLECTIONbut includes acupressure atthe whole body (arms, neckshoulders, back, head)The addition of therapeutic focus on the spine to analyze a disease(chairopraktik approach from japan - SEITAI which means the alignment of the body)

3. Aromatherapyessential oils from plants extract in use during therapy applied to the skin a very good for reducing stress andsmooths the skin and reduce muscle tensionAromatherapy is also made ​​by burning with a unique burner so that it appears to function as a fragrant aroma therapy.

4. AcupressureOriental Japanese approach is based onacupuncture points and Meridian who are scattered throughout the body either for preventiontreatment and cure of various diseases.

5. COMFORTFully air-conditioned place NATURAL designedthemed so you'll feel relaxed and relieve stress and muscletension.

6. MUSIC THERAPY: choice of music that can issue a Betawave you are able to relax and reduce stress and create balance of body and soul.

7. KIROPRAKSIThis therapy focuses on the stimulation of theareas around the spine from the neck, back and waist for relieving achespains and help prevent various diseasesRelaxand feel comfortable will appear after therapy.

8. DO NOT UNDRESS: This is a revolutionary therapy that does not require that the patient / customer to undress but patients will still feel comfortableThus, this therapy can be accepted by all walks of life ranging from children to adults eitherveiled or not

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