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Thursday, June 23, 2011

RS Harapan Bunda

Motto: "Kesehatan dan kepuasan anda tujuan kami"
Motto : "Your Health and Satisfaction is Our Goal"

Vision: Being able to provide the service level of health services and the layperson sickly as high for the entire community in developing Balerang particular and Indonesia in general.
Mission :

1. Carrying out comprehensive health services of high quality and affordable by the community

2. Organize health services autonomously with a HR, facilities and infrastructure in accordance with the development of medical technology

3. Achieve "Tri Sukses Harapan Bunda"

     a. Successful Patient: The patient can get back healthy, and patients and their families are satisfied with services provided

     b. Success Human Resources (HR): HR Success from doctors, pharmacists, paramedical and non medical employees all feel satisfied working in Harapan Bunda Hospital, both in terms of careers, enhanced knowledge, as well as guarantees of future

     c. Success Foundation: Hope Foundation as the owner of RS Harapan Bunda besides carrying out its social mission can also develop programs that facilitate or ease the public in accessing health services in full

Medical Service Support Servide
  • Medical Check Up
  • General Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Specialist Doctor / Sub-Specialist
    • Kid
    • Surgery
    • Obstetrics & Gynecology
    • Internal Disease
    • Neural
    • Eye
    • Lung
    • Heart
    • Bone Surgery
    • Pathology Laboratory Clinic
    • X-Ray
    • USG
    • ECG
    • Neural Surgery
    • Pharmacy
    • Emergency Unit 24H
    • In Treatment
    • Out Treatment
    • Surgery Room
    Address : Jl. Seraya No. 1 Batam - Riau
    Telephone . 0778  457333  Fax. 0778  456800
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