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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kek Pisang Villa

Batam Ya Kek Pisang Villa

              Black Forest 
 Blue Berry                  
                  Choco Nut

"VILLA" following a name taken by the place where the first location of the business founded Villa Muka Kuning. At first. At the beginning of its establishment in April 2006, is a cottage industry that is very simple. Until then developed into one - the only company working on the Retail market 'By - By Typical Batam ". Starting with only one outlet that is founded on the hard work of the founder of Denni Delyandri, then into 6 outlets spread across the city of Batam, making Kek Pisang Villa, as a flagship product that can be taken as a souvenir or by the - by the immigrant population and community Batam. Besides producing Kek Pisang Villa also received a lot of cooperation with business enterprises - small and medium enterprises in the Riau Islands, such as the Super Shrimp Crackers (KUS) from Tanjung Balai Karimun, fish crackers, crackers Cuttlefish, epok - epok, cakes rise, wave Malaysia, etc., originating from the island of Bintan. Because the business concept itself also want to help Villa to participate for the betterment of business - small and medium enterprises in the Riau archipelago itself.
Batam is an island city that is located very strategically. Being situated not far from neighboring countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Making it easier to market products that we offer. Batam City community is classified as a heterogeneous society composed of diverse ethnic and golongan.Berdasarkan opportunity business opportunity that is offered, the presence of Kek Pisang Villa as by - the typical clear Batam Batam provide answers for society and the immigrant communities that have been confused to buy by - by hand or fruit be brought forth, or out of Batam for taulannya companion. And also provide added value in line with the Government program of the Visit Batam 2010 which has provided convenience - easy to get business opportunities.

-Jl. Imam Bonjol Blok F/51, Nagoya Batam (0778 48354)
-Ruko Nusantara Golden Blok A/3, Batam Center (0778 460573)
-Ruko Villa Muka Kuning Blok A2/10, Batu Aji (0778 7375217)
-Jl. Pembangunan (sebelah hotel 89), Penuin Batam (0778 7805484)
-Bandara Hang Nadim Batam (Ruang keberangkatan) (0778 7805484)
-Ruko Kemakmuran No. 2, Sei Panas (0778 7876616)

0778 458354


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