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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sriwijaya Air


Sriwijaya Air is one of the Indonesian domestic leading airlines. It carries over 500,000 passengers per month, from its hub at Soekarno Hatta International Airport to more than 35 destinations in 2 regional countries, including extraordinary and popular tourism spots in Indonesia.

Sriwijaya Air primary business is to provide passenger and freight transportation both in national and regional areas. Since its established on November 10th, 2003, Sriwijaya Air has achieved all of the goals set out in its mission and vision such as: delivering high quality services, competitive airline business nationally and regionally, expanding and integrating Sriwijaya’s Air industry worldwide, adopting newest technology backbone and effective and efficient business management, attracting domestic and international tourist and growing as a profitable business entity.

The company which based in Jakarta survived the global crisis in 2008 with virtually no loss in business, in fact, it expanded its services to the eastern Indonesia. Moreover, new and modified airplanes enabled Sriwijaya Air to continue its operations through the region.

Our aircrafts are painted in blue, red and white colors which each of the color represents :
  • White : Clean hearthed employees
  • Red : The courage and wisdom in solving problems and making decisions of the team
  • Blue : Passion for traveling to all corners of our beloved archipelago.

Safety is one of our most concern and the absolute priority above all. Sriwjaya‘s Air Technical Division together with ANI and GMF performs full technical maintenance on every aircraft type. This confirms the high level of the aviation safety and fleet reliability of the airline. According to Boeing Company, Sriwijaya Air had performed excellently in promoting air safety and flight training. Thanks to the hard work of the engineering division and the entire team of Sriwijaya Air, we managed to get an award from Boeing Company to promote aviation safety and flight training. The hard work of the Sriwijaya Air has succeeded in bringing national and international recognition. The company also received an award from the Indonesia's Department of Transportation in 2008.


Everyone on board is our partner. Yes, we acknowledge that nowadays everyone can fly, however we fly them with pride and prestige by implementing our quality of services in pre, in and post flight. We assure that our flights are affordable yet comfortable.

Contact Information
Sriwijaya Air
Jl. Kompleks Batama Blok C No.4 Nagoya - Batam
Kepri, Indonesia
Phone : 0778 - 430077
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