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Monday, December 20, 2010

Reckless Golf

Now in Batam golf lovers need not fear anymore plagued with weather problems when playing golf, because at this time has come Reckless Golf (Nagoya Hill Fl. 2) which is an Indoor Golf Exclusive first and only one in Batam. Of course this too is very good news for ladies golfers Batam, because now no longer have to worry about skin turned black because of playing golf.

Then if you get bored playing golf at the field-that's it? Now your boredom can be alleviated, because Reckless Golf can take you to more than 30 golf courses in the world so you can feel the sensation of playing on golf courses that are well known in the world.

Since its first operation on November 4, 2010, Reckless Golf has three indoor facilities, the Eagles' den, Fire and Forget, and Hit and Hope in which every room has its own advantages. Eagles' den that is the VIP room, has a remarkable facility. You can enjoy the breadth of the golf course with a broad view the 3D screen. Eagles' den has exactly the same difficulty level as in the field, because it is equipped with a real footing in areas where slopes pijkan our feet adapted to the area where the ball is located. It is a very good room for a true golf lovers.

Another room that is Fire and Forget who have private room facilities and a single screen. You can enjoy the pleasure of playing golf with friends or your family. There's one more room, namely Hit and Hope. This room has the same facilities with the Fire and Forget, just that this is an open area of the room.

The three rooms are equipped with extraordinary technological sophistication, so have a very good accuracy. The advantages of technology owned by Reckless Golf is located at ALBATROSS system which has advantages in sensor, namely trajectory sensing Technologi that makes the ball very accurate picture of blow. This sensor system is not owned by an indoor golf anywhere.

If you do swing a golf lover, there is the possibility of error so as not to produce maximum punch. One more technology that belongs only Reckless Golf, namely motion video replay. Each time you do the swing, it will be immortalized in video form, so you can see the mistakes made swing. Of course this video can you bring home to be seen again by you.

Contact Information
Reckless Golf
Nagoya Hill Lt. 2 No. 4B Batam
Kepri, Indonesia 29432
+62 778 7493913
+62 778 7493914

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