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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rasa-Rasa Ikan Bakar

Not difficult to find cottages seafood in Batam. Batam city was spelled mastermind of pure seafood. Even Batam is known as a center for seafood meal that varies from the type and derivatives

grilled fish is common sense.The difference is a matter of taste, of processed spices and cooking methods. Grilled fish with coconut flavor mixed with other spices to make a fresh fish was savory and delicious. more delicious if eaten in tomato sauce or chili paste. Well, eating more and more enthusiastic spirit continues to grow.

Seafood flavors Development located at Jalan Komplek Nagoya Batam Park offers a variety of sea food with fresh fish. Fish bruise to be excellent grilled seafood restaurant is. Fish bruise feels more curvaceous delicacy and slightly sweet flesh. According to Mimi, the owner of the fish flavors typical bruises do have a sense of when it is baked. In addition to bruising Fish, seafood restaurant run by a family that also offers other fish such as fish small opening. ''To Fish bruises, we're promoting. The price is cheapest in Batam, only Rp 7,000 per ounce
In addition to bruising grilled fish, salad cakue a favorite food. According to Mimi, this cakue salad usually served before a main meal such as grilled fish. "While waiting for baked fish, usually eat salad cakue," said Mimi. Cakue who felt the fish, could be a major food stimulant. Cakue is burned before eaten. This makes a crisp and feels cakue kerekes .... kerekes if eaten. Another ingredient for a similar salad with salad cingur cakue, food typical of East Java.

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