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Monday, December 20, 2010

Matahari Graha Fantasi, PT

Enchancing your son creativity ?. Do you know how to stimulate and enchance creativity? the question that often arises and the question by parents is how to stimulate and enchance your son creativity? as a parent who cares about development of the child, would want to have creativity and intelligent children. Actually, Creativity has started when its was only baby. a professor of science education in the United States, named Dr. E. Paul Torrance, said that all children learn through diference ways.The simplest example is when a child is learning to walk, how many times a child will fail and keep trying and failing again, until finally able to walk. Actually here the role of parents is
There are 2 things that should be known by parents, namely:
  1. All young children have the creativity
  2. Creativity can be enhanced by stimulation, opportunities and continuous training.
Because creativity has been started since a baby, meant to educate and train the child to time zone and started theirs creativity of the neighborhood closest to the family in this case the father and mother. Dr. E. Paul Torrance back, began to increase creativity in children at age 3 years, and reached its peak at around the age of 5 years. Some of the things that must be considered by parents to improve the creativity of children is as follows:
  1. Select the media that can stimulate the creativity of children, for an example is folded, attached. 
  2. let your children are free to do what he believed or liked. According to Drs. Dale Grubb, parents who are teaching their child too much? in many ways to the child makes the child less, time zone creativity, unlike the child who is given freedom by their parents to learn, where the child will be more creative. According to Drs. Dale Grubb, parents need to appreciate the creativity of any child and how was that done by the children, so the child can create his own style.
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