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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Daun Hijau Mediabetea

Daun Hijau Mediabetea stood in 2009, Leaf Green Mediabetea can normalize and relieve Deabetes disease.

The advantages of our products are the ingredients in the can from the State, without containing chemicals and registered dibadan POMRI

The company's commitment to consumers is to provide the best service and always provide a useful solution because healing and health of consumers is our hope.

Vision & Mission
Our goal is to order people to know that diabetes can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and with Herbal products and Mediabetea.
Contact Information

Daun Hijau Mediabetea
Komplek Paradiso Centre Blok D No. 3 - Batam
Kepri, 29432 Indonesia
Telp  : +62 778 7818000
Email :

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