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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Artina Furniture

Artina furniture emphasize better quality of living by designing high-quality furniture with natural look of AURA synthetic rattan.

Our furniture are specially hand-crafted made with alumunium or wood frame for outdoor or indoor use. All materials used are weather resistant* which has been tested by PSB Singapore accordance to ASTMG155 standard, 3888 hours (Xenon Arc Exposure).

We discovered that people look for luxury, comfort and beauty to the furniture we offered. Our designers and staffs are constantly working together to fulfill the market trends. Moreover, our experience made us to understand the need for household, hotel, resort,and restaurant projects.

Please feel free to look for our catalogues and we will do our best to fulfill what you need. After sales services are specially provided for sales in Malaysia and Singapore.
Contact Information
Artina Furniture
Komp. Graha Kadin Jl. Engku Putri Blok F/2 Batam Centre - Batam
Kepri, 29432 Indonesia
Telp  : +62 778 477 517
Fax   : +62 778 477 518