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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where is Batam ???

Batam island is strategically located in the hub of Southeast Asia. Being 20 km from Singapore with the second largest international shipping lane passing right by the shoreline, Batam is ideally positioned placing everything that could be needed for a successful business right at your doorstep.

Batam also offers attractive tax incentives with exemption from import/export tax, and Value Added Tax for export products oriented. Industrial facilities are abundantly available.

Investor are 17 industrial parks offering facilities ranging from ready-to-build pieces of land to buildings with complete facilities. Some industrial parks also offer a complete package, which includes the processing of permits and licenses with relevant authorities and recruitment of workers. Housing for workers in dormitories is also provided within the area. Workers are also readly available both from the local pool and from the rest of Indonesia. These workers are increasingly better skilled as they have years of training and experience.

Growth for the island with population of 591.253 in 2004 has demonstrated its capabilities to complete with other similar zones in the asia pacific. Batam has become one of the growth engines in Indonesia, providing employment for about 221.163 workers, contributing a substantial amount of income tax for the central goverment.